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1.1 AGLINI SRL (hereafter “AGLINI”) offers and sells by means of the present website http://shop.aglini.com (hereafter the “WEBSITE”), directly to its consumers products of the Aglini collections (hereafter the “PRODUCTS” or the “PRODUCT”). The sale of the products on the website is subject to the present conditions of sale (hereafter “CONDITIONS OF SALE”). The products displayed on the website are sold by Aglini s.r.l, corporation under Italian legislation, headquarters in 52100 Sansepolcro (AR),- Italia, Via Degli Artigiani n. 5, recorded on the Business Register of Arezzo, Vat number 01914490519, R.E.A. Arezzo 148527.
1.2 The Products are offered on sale on the Website exclusively to “Consumers” (hereafter “Customer/s”), defined as natural persons of age, who act for goals which are unrelated to their commercial, handcrafted, business or professional life.
1.3 The purchase of the offered Products will be possible only for specific Countries which are indicated on the Website
1.4 The contract of purchase, and related procedures and documents are available on the Website in two languages: Italian and English.
1.5 Before forwarding his purchase order, the customer must read carefully the present terms of sale. The purchase order implies the whole knowledge and explicit acceptance of the below mentioned general conditions of sale and moreover of what is written on the Order Form. Once the on-line purchase procedure is finished, the customer must print the present general conditions of sale and the related order form, which had been read and accepted formerly.


2.1 The Website shows for each product an image, the unit price, the colour, the size(s). The pictures are by way of illustration of the Product; AGLINI will not be responsible for any inadequate graphic representation of the Products displayed on the Website.
2.2 The sale procedure will be finished when AGLINI will receive, via telematics, the Order Form, given prior confirmation of the related order information.
2.3 After having accurately examined the product Sheet, to finalize the purchase of one or more products the customer will have to fill in the on-line Order Form and transmit it to AGLINI, via telematics, following the instructions showed on the Website.
2.4 On the Order Form there is a reference to the present General Conditions and a summary of the information on the essential features of each ordered Product and the related price (all applicable taxes are included), on the payment method, on the delivery conditions, on the costs of shipping and delivery, on the right of withdrawal conditions, on the information on protection of privacy. After having examined and accepted the general conditions, the summary of the information on the essential features of each ordered Product, the detail of the shipment cost, the right of withdrawal conditions, the information on protection of privacy, the consumer will have to choose the payment method and select “purchase” option.
2.5 By transmitting the order form via telematics, the consumer accepts and commits himself to respect the present Conditions of Sale, and the contract with AGLINI is performed. If the customer does not agree with some of the terms listed on the Conditions of Sale, he is kindly asked not to forward the Order Form finalized to the purchase of the Products on the Website.
Before submitting the Order, the customer is will have to read carefully the content, detect and correct possible errors in data-entering.
2.6 After that the contract is finalized, AGLINI will accept the purchase order from the Customer and it will be processed within thirty (30) days, starting from the day after that the customer had transmitted the order form to AGLINI.
2.7 Let it be understood that AGLINI reserves the right not to process purchase orders that are incomplete or wrong, that do not guarantees solvency, or that come from customers that are in previous legal controversy with AGLINI, or in case AGLINI judges in force of any licit reason the customer unsuitable, or if the customer is involved in any fraudulent activity.
AGLINI reserves the right to limit or not to process orders that seem to be forwarded by wholesalers and/or distributors.
2.8 In case the Products, displayed on the Website, are no more available after the order submit, AGLINI will promptly inform the customer within thirty (30) days starting from the day after that of order form submit.
If the customer had already paid the price of the ordered goods, AGLINI will refund the amount to the customer within thirty (30) days starting from the day after that of order form submit.
2.9 By submitting the Order Form the Consumer receipts and declare to have acknowledged all information provided during the purchase procedure and accepts the whole general conditions, which will be binding after the purchase submit.
2.10 At the end of the purchase procedure the Consumer will receive an e-mail to the address that had been entered on the Order Form that confirms the order, the Privacy and Right of Withdrawal Information acknowledgment.


3.1 The order process is completed at the moment of the selection of the option “purchase”. As the order form is confirmed, the order will be forwarded to AGLINI for the processing and no one will be able to neither change nor cancel it.
3.2 The recorded data on the AGLINI Server will be treated as evidence of the transaction between the Consumer and AGLINI.


4.1 The prices of the Products offered on sale on the Website include IVA and all applicable taxes. The prices that appear on the Website, for each Product, will be charged shipping and delivery cost, that will be duly highlighted and recapitulated before order issue.
4.2 The prices offered on sale on the Website have Euro currency.
4.3 The prices of the Products might be subject to update. AGLINI reserves the right to change the price of the Products offered on Sale on the Website whenever he wants and without notification. To the Customer will be charged the Price published on the Website at the moment of the order form submitted by the Customer. The Customer has to verify the final price of Sale before submitting the order form.
4.4 All Products are shipped directly from Italy. The prices of the Products and the shipping and delivery cost appearing on the Website and on the order, do not include possible customs duties or fees for Extra-UE countries shipping, or for countries in which applicable regulations provide for import-tax.
4.5 This cost is charged to the Customer and will have to be paid directly at the moment of delivery of the Products, as indicated in the Order Form.


5.1 The Customer can make a payment of the price of the purchased Products only with credit card. The accepted credit cards are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, and JBC.
5.2 The processing of the order, and then the shipping to Customer of the Products, will take place only after the check of the Customer’s credit card data and after the receiving of the authorization from the bank, which provides electronic payment service, to charge the amount on the Customer’s credit card. The charge on the Customer’s credit card will take place on the moment of reception of the order form by AGLINI.
5.3 If the charging of the amount due by the customer is impossible, the purchase process is automatically cancelled.


6.1 The products will be delivered to the address provided at the moment of the order form fill-in. For security reasons, AGLINI cannot ship the purchased Product to any mail box nor accept any order from consumers with unknown identity or delivery address.
6.2 The shipping cost is charged to the Customer and is indicate on the order form and on the related invoice.
6.3 The purchased products on the Website will be delivered by express Carrier designated by AGLINI at Consumer's own expenses to the address indicated by the Customer on the order form.
AGLINI is not responsible for any delayed delivery.
If the need arises, AGLINI Customer service will support the Customer in any inquiry or problem related to the shipping of the Products.
6.4 At their arrival the products have to be checked carefully by the Customer in order to verify the consistency of the Product. In case of any anomaly at the delivery (packaging alteration or damage, missing items in relation to the delivery note, ..) must be advised by the Customer, at the risk of relinquishment, directly on the delivery note. The original document will be hold by the Carrier and a copy by the Customer.
6.5 Notwithstanding the previous paragraph 6.4, if the received Products do not comply with the one ordered or if there is any anomaly discovered at the arrival of the goods, at the risk of relinquishment, the Customer is bound to inform AGLINI Customer service addressing to ced.aglini@gmail.com. AGLINI reserves the right not to reply to claims sent after 30 (thirty) days from the order form submit.


7.1 At any time and without notice, AGLINI can change or correct the present conditions of sale, the Product display and the prices. The Consumer has to check carefully the conditions of sale every time he visits the Website for buying purposes.
7.2 There may be occasional errors on the Website, wrong typing or omissions (hereafter "Errors") related to the description of the Product, the Price, possible promotions, special offers and Product availability. At any time and without notice, AGLINI reserves the right to correct such errors, change or update information, revoke any offer with such errors and cancel any order at any time before the shipping, even if the order form had been submitted and confirmed and the amount had been charged on the credit card.
7.3 The above mentioned changes and/or corrections will be valid only in case the order is submitted after the change or correction by AGLINI. In particular the customer will be charged with the prices that are going to appear on the website during the Order Form confirmation, provided that the ordered Products are available in that moment.


8.1 For any inquiry related to the purchased Products from the Website or in case that assistance in the purchase phase is needed, it is possible to contact AGLINI Customer Care Service, via e-mail ced.aglini@gmail.com.


9.1 If the Customer, for any reason, is not satisfied with the purchased goods, he is entitled to terminate the contract with AGLINI, without any penalty or explanation, by sending back the Products within 14 (fourteen) working days starting from the arrival day of the Products.
9.2 All the shipped goods are endowed with a seal of warranty and an authenticity tag. In case of return of the item, these seals must not be broken or sabotaged. In order to be the request of return successfully concluded, the products must not have been worn, neither washed, ironed nor seem to be used in any case.
9.3 The products to be returned must have all tags, original packaging and accessorizes (e.g. authenticity tag, cellophane, box), and the original packing material, that have been received.
9.4 AGLINI reserves the right to refuse any return that is not compliant with the requirements listed on art. 9.4.
9.5 The refund will be through the same method of payment of the purchase.
9.6 The paid amounts will be refund as soon as possible, in any case within thirty (30) days from the return request and the procedure of refund activated by the customer, provided that Aglini had verified and approved the conditions listed on art. 9.3.
9.7 In case that there is no correspondence between the recipient of the product indicated on the order form and the person who made the money transfer for the purchase, the amount due will be refund by AGLINI in favour of the subject that made the money transfer.
9.8 To return the purchased Products the Consumer is asked to follow the below listed procedure:
a. To verify the presence of the tag and the documents of sale included in the package.
b. To contact the forwarder indicated in the receipt and arrange the return directly with the forwarder.
c. To ask the carrier the signed receipt of the pick-up and store it carefully. It is very important to store the receipt because it gives the right to return/change. The shipping cost is charged to AGLINI.
9.9 If the Consumer decides not to use the carrier indicated by AGLINI, it is recommended to ship the Products adding an assurance of the value of the product, to keep and store carefully the tracking number. AGLINI will not be responsible for the refund in case of lost, damaged, stolen items shipped by the Consumer on his own. The shipping cost is at the expense of the Consumer.

10. Method of refund

10.1 Provided all the present General Conditions, in case the Consumer has the right to be refund by AGLINI the price of the purchased Products, the compensation will be by deposit of the amount due by AGLINI on the credit card that was used for the money transfer at the moment of Product purchase.

11. Responsibility

11.1 AGLINI is responsible for any Product defect of the items sold on the Website, in accordance with the Italian Law and the Consumer Code (D.Lgs 206/2005).
11.2 The Product warranty provided by AGLINI is valid providing the compliance of the below listed conditions.
11.3 If the products sold through the Website were defected, the Customer would have to present a formal claim via email addressed to ced.aglini@gmail.com.

12. Applicable Law and settlement of the disputes

12.1 The present Conditions of Sale and any Purchase Contract of the Products are ruled by the Italian Law and in particular by the Consumer Code (Decreto Legislativo dated 6 September 2005 n.206) and by the Decreto Legislativo n.70 dated 9 April 2003 (e-commerce regulation).
12.2 For any dispute that would arise claiming validity, interpretation, execution, settlements of the present general conditions of sale and/or the single purchased orders, exclusively the Court of Arezzo (Italy) will be competent without concurrent Courts, with declared and total mutual renounce to any other Court.

REA: Via degli Artigiani n. 5, Z.I. Santa Fiora - 52037 SANSEPOLCRO (AR) Codice Fiscale, Iscrizione Registro Imprese CCIAA Arezzo n. 01914490519 VAT number IT 01914490519 - R.E.A. di Arezzo n. 148527 –
Cap. Soc. € 50.000,00 i.v.
Tel. 0575/749822 - Fax 0575/735130 – Mail: info@aglini.com


Customs Duty and Taxes are at the expenses of the addressee

For any further information we kindly ask you to read Custom Information
Custom Information
If the goods sold by Aglini S.r.l were to be delivered abroad, you might be subject to pay duty and import- taxes, due once the merchandise has reached the specified destination.
Customs politics vary according to each Country. You are hereby asked to contact the local Custom Office for further information.
Please remark that when you buy from www.aglini.com and you request the delivery to be in a Country that is not Italy, you are considered an importer and you are therefore asked to comply with all legislation and regulation of the Country where the goods will arrive.


Your Privacy is important for us and we are aware that you care if the information on your order are used and shared. For this reason we inform you that the deliveries across-boarders might be subject to box inspections by the customs authority. Our forwarders might also share information about the product packed with the local customs office in order to ease the operation of custom clearance, in compliance with the laws of the Country of destination.

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